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Post  Admin on Sun Oct 07, 2007 12:34 pm

if you want to make a digimon tell me its name all its level and its attacks and other info.if you want crests and stuff pm gennai(gennai is also me but i want to only have 1 role per file).heres my digimons current digivolutions.
fresh-bubble blow-chiisaimon
in training-pyro bubble-hanmichimon
rookie-merge,pyro sphere-ryuzumon
champion-whitegrowlmon-white pyro blaster,plasma beam,small holy beam
champion-demizenryumon-pyro beam,ryu bomb,swirling fan shot,ryu scythe,small holy beam,merge
ultimate-whitewargrowlmon-atomic blaster,double edge,trinity force:light mode(requires lighttaomon and shinerapidmon)
zenryumon-ultimate-dragon blade,holy shot,merge,pyro blade,ryu spear,ryu ghost death shot,eclipse fan
zenryumon:dragon mode-ultimate mode change-pyro gatler,holy bomb,swirling fan shot,holy shot,mega ryu scythe,zenryu apocolipse
shininggallantmon-mega-saber of light

um....when my digimon whens a fight it absorbs some of the data and can transform into a form of it and itself fused
example:agu-zumon,attacks:pyro breath,pepper sphere


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