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digi modify cards

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 06, 2007 10:04 am

here are the current digi cards you can use to modify your digimon
upgrade:takes alot of stamina away from digimon and boosts its power greatly
angel wings:allows a digimon to fly
training set:increases attack
clone:creates a afterimage of your digimon
quick spped:increase speed greatly
agumons frozen wind-lets you use the frozen wind attack
hyper chip:greatly increase attack
snimon twin sickles-lets you use twin sickles
meramon heat up-gives you fire element
expansion-makes your digimon super fat
hyper sonic-boosts speed and strength
guilmon:mega pyro sphere-shott a giant pyro sphere from your mouth
metalgarurumon mega blast-shoot a magnetic beam that tears apart the enemy


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